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 Fox1091's Ultimate nitePR Guide

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PostSubject: Fox1091's Ultimate nitePR Guide   Sat Jan 30, 2010 8:05 pm

written a while a go and will be updated soon
for all those who dunt kno i am fox1091 i take
full credit for tut Smile

###Fox1091's Beginners Tutorial To Simple Coding In NitePR / CoderPR / MKULTRA etc #
#Credits : Fox1091 For His time writing the guide #
#SANIK for his nitePR (: #


click on nitePR_revK to download


Click On IcyPR To Downaload


As A Step 0: You Should Hit The R Trigger Untill You Are In The PRX menu Or Game Menu Or What Ever It Is Called In The PRX You Are Using. In Pause Game = False hit >< changing False To True

As A Step 0.5: You Should Go To You PRX menu / Game Menu And Scroll Down To Cheat Hz 0/1000
Change 0/1000 To 15/1000

~~~INF. Ce/Money/Ammo etc.~~~

Step One: Choose a game that you want to make inf ammo for.

Step Two: Remember how much ammo you have ex: 20/270.

Step Three: Open up your nitePR menu and hit R trigger untill you are in the Searcher.

Step Four: Scroll Down To "Find Exact Value" and in the Value . Dec Type In what ever amount of ammo you have ex: using the amount i had before ( 20/270 ) my line would look like this:


Step Five: Search

Step Six: Now go back into the game and shoot a few rounds lowering the amount of ammo you had ex: you now have 12/270 instead of 20/270

Step Seven: Go back into you searcher and in to "Find Exact Value" and change the 20 to 12 ex:

now mine would look like this:


Step Eight: Repeat untill you have the lowest amount of codes found you can get.

Step Nine(making the code Inf.): Now That You found the code you are going to want to
open it by clicking >< on it. Then you will want to change the Value . Hex in the code to


Ex: im using socom ftb2 for and i want inf ammo so i searched up the code and i got this

0x00517c3c 0x******** <- *= hex code i want to change what ever the * were to to


Step Ten: You are finished now just go into you cheats go to the bottom turn on "new cheat x (x=what ever number it is) hit the note button and see if you found the right code (:

ADD ON: most of the time this will be a DMA code meaning you will have to do this for each lvl and gun unless it it like in ce/money or something like that.

~~~INF.Health TUT.~~~

Step One: Choose A Game.

Step Two: Join A Game And Join It.

Step Three: Open Your nitePR menu and hit the R trigger untill you are in the searcher Click On Find Unknown Value - 32 bit.

Step Four: Now Hit () two times to exit out of nitePR. Now in game go lose some health some how doesnt matter how. After You Lose Some Health Open Up nitePR and Go Back Into The Searcher. And Hit >< on

Find Unknown Value

And You Will See Something That Says:


Scroll Down And Hit >< On That and Change It So It Says:


Then Hit >< On Search... This May Take Some Time So Just Wait

Step 4.5: Why Did We Search 3=Less? well because you lost life in game right? so this will find anyhing in game that was lowerd e.g. your health... Make Sense?

Step Five: Now That You Search Is Done You Exit Out Of Your nitePR Menu And Back In Game You Will Want To Lose Some More Life But Not Die.

Step Six: Repeat Step Four

Step Seven : Repeat Step Four Through Six Around 3 or 4 times.

Step Eight: Run Around The Map Shoot You Gun Waste Some Ammo Do Anything But Heal Or Lose More Life In Game.

Step Nine: Go Back Into You nitePR Menu And Into The Searcher. Click On Continue.
Then Where It Says


Hit >< on it and change it to


And Hit Search....

Step Eight: After You Finish That Search Go Back In Game And Get Some Life From A Medikit Or What Ever You Get Life From. (Get Full)

Step Nine: Go Back Into nitePR And Then Searcher. Go Down To


And Hit >< on it and change it to


Step Nine: You Should Now Have 1 code hopefully if not you just try the few that you do have. But yeah you hit >< on the code you found to had it to your cheat menu. Then you exit out of your searcher and hit the L trigger untill your in your cheat database and you click >< on the cheat that says New Cheat 0 Or Something like that.(note with coderPR you can change hwat a cheat is called by hitting SELECT)

Now exit out of you nitePR Menu and in game you hit the note button which is down by the start and select buttons. And Enjoy Your New Code Run Around Get Shot At Or Stabbed And Slashed At And Lose No Health

~~~~ Need Any More Help Or Have Questions? Post Away~~~~

My New Logo > monkey monkey

Coming Soon

~~~How To Find You X And Z Coordinates~~~

Step One: Choose A Game You Want To Hack In.

Step Two: Join The Game And Open Up Your nitePR menu. Hit The R Trigger Two Times So You Are In Your Searcher Menu.

Step Three: Scroll Down To:

Find Unknown Value - 32bit

Then Hit () Two Times To Exit Out Of Your nitePR Menu And Move Around In Game.

Step Four: Open Back Up Your nitePR Menu And Hit The R Trigger So You Are Back In Your Searcher. Now Hit >< On:

Continue To Find Unknown Value

Now Hit >< On:


And Change It To


Then Hit >< On Search

Step Five: Move Around The Map Again (changing you X & Z coordinates.)

Then Search



Step Six: This Time Move Around The Map Again But Move To The Exact Same Spot You Were Before For Step Five. Then Change




Step Seven: Repeat Step Six.

Step 7.5: You Will Only Get Down To Around 60 Codes Depending On The Game. You Can Repeat Those Steps To Try To Get It Lower. Or You Can Start Testing Codes And When You Find One Of Them The Other One Wont Be Far Away. Mean X And Z Are Two Differnt Codes.

Step Eight: Enjoy Your Codes These Will Be DMA Codes Most Likely Meaning They Are Different On Each Level.

~~~OSK / One Shot Kill Guide~~~

Coming Soon

~~~!!!New!!!How To Change Your Name On Ftb2 With Out An Imposter In The Lobby Using Your Browser~~~

Step 1:Plugin A USB Cored And Open Up Your PSP. Go Into Your SEPLUGINS Folder And Into Your NitePR Folder. Then In Your Socom Hacks ( a.k.a. UCUS-98645 ) Add This Code:

#digit clan tag
0x00492510 0x20782530

Then Save And Exit Out Of USB Mode And Go Onto Socom FTB2(online)

Step Two: Join A Game In A Lobby. Now Turn On The

#Digit clan tag

Now Switch Sides To Refresh Your Screen You Will See A Bunch Of Numers As You Clan Tag


Now Take The


And Subtract


From It.

Your New Code Will Be


Step Three: Open Back Up Your nitePR Menu, Then Hit The R Trigger 3 Times So You Are In Your Browser. Now Remember That Code From Before? Well You Need It Now.

In Your Browser It Should Be At A Default Adress Which Is


Click >< To Edit It And Change The Adress To The Code You Got




Step Four: Now You Should See Your Clan Tag. You Can Edit Like Its A Imposter but it changes like a animation.

Now Scroll Up About 3-5 Lines Untill You See Your Name. You Can Edit That Too.

Step 4.5: Lil Extra Hints

Symbols That I Can Remember Atm Will Add More Later

{*0} = White Text
{*1} = Red Text
{*2} = Yellow Text
{R} = R Trigger
{L} = L Trigger
{X} = X Button

Also Keep In Mind You Have To Do This For Every Room You Join
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Fox1091's Ultimate nitePR Guide
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